a way to be involved in a meaningful project?


Donate for self-sufficiency

At Autarcique you are able to donate for self-sufficiency and help people in Togo to lead a self-determined life.

Our chairman, Assima, herself comes from Togo and is an expert on the region. She speaks the language, knows culture, economics and has a very good local network. This is also the result of cooperation with our experienced  partner, Centre Shonghai  who has had similar projects in neighboring Benin for many years.


We want to give people happiness true more independency .
Experience the joy of helping them effectively.
Our Vision

The aim of the association is to promote the socio-economic development of independent with organic agriculture in Togo.


We want to gradually offer various free training places in and complementary areas of agriculture.


Step by step we plan to build the training center. The first three training areas will be agriculture,  cattle breeding and the production of oils and cosmetic products.


Suggestions, questions and more information. Get in touch with us, we will appreciate it.

About myself


My name is Assima,​

I'm from Togo and love my country of origin. Togo needs our help. To develop further, to make better use of its possibilities, to give people a fair chance. I would like to contribute a small part with my dear associate and you. Let's get started.


Current news and needs 2021/2022

October 2021 was successfully drilled for water on the our property in Togo! 
Adjo one of the women from the neighborhood of Autarcique e.V. in Togo prepares her maize for maize flour (their staple food)!
Akossiwa (left) lives and takes care of the Autarcique center!
In particular, the women of the community desperately need a grinder (like the one in the picture below) to prepare the cornmeal!